Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood
Meteor Silver Koa Wood

Meteor Silver Koa Wood

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Learn more about your Carbon Positive Purchase below. Because neutral is not enough.


Crafted with highly scratch-resistant (4 times harder than titanium and scratch proof!) tungsten carbide. This incredible ring features edge to edge resin sealed and water proof Hawaiian Koa Wood inlay in the center and polished finish metal surface. Barrel style for the best comfort fit.


  • Crafted of genuine solid tungsten carbide and Hawaiian Koa Wood
  • Custom Made for you 
  • 100% Scratch Proof and Hypoallergenic. 

Koa tree is the second most common tree and only grows in the Hawaiian Islands. In the Hawaiian language, Koa means brave, bold, fearless, or warrior. Ancient Hawaiians used the koa's trunk to build outrigger canoes and surfboards. Koa is also a tonewood, often used in the construction of ukuleles, acoustic guitars & electric guitars.

Ring is perfect for people with an active life style, also great gift for anniversary, wedding or any special occasion. It represents a strong bond, a promise to be kept, a vow to hold on to. As a circle, it symbolizes infinity or eternity.

Elegant and comfortable, perfect for wedding, engagement, evening, party, banquet and so on.

For Every Ring Sold We Plant a Tree ! 🌴

Buy 1 Plant 1 - Feel Good Knowing you're saving the environment with every purchase.

Please note: Our longer crafting process allows each ring to be custom made for you upon ordering. This process takes approximately 21 business days to complete professionally including our exclusive polishing and protective finishing which is completed in our international facility. Each ring is then sealed and left to rest and dry for a couple of days before we ship from our facility via priority (< 10 business days to the US)

Refunds and Exchange

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We will send a replacement if you choose the wrong size (conditions apply). 

A free ring bag helps you safely store the ring when you're not wearing it. 


Compare your measurement to the chart below: 

E.g. 5.4cm, 54.4mm or 2.14 inches = Ring Size 7

Size mm Inches U.S. Size
49.3 1.94 5
50.6 1.99 5.5
51.9 2.04 6
53.1 2.09 6.5
54.4 2.14 7
55.7 2.19 7.5
57 2.24 8
58.3 2.29 8.5
59.5 2.34 9
60.8 2.39 9.5
62.1 2.44 10
63.4 2.49 10.5
64.4 2.53 11
65.9 2.59 11.5
67.2 2.64 12
68.4 2.69 12.5
69.6 2.74 13
70.8 2.78 13.5
72 2.83 14
73.2 2.88 14.5
74.4 2.92 15
75.6 2.97 15.5
76.8 3.02 16
78 3.07 16.5
79.2 3.11 17