PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold
PORT ROYAL Black and Gold

PORT ROYAL Black and Gold

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Learn more about your Carbon Positive Purchase below. Because neutral is not enough.


Are you Searching for a scratch-free ring? Or a superstring ring just like you want to make the bond of your strength with your loved ones?

If yes, then a carbon fiber tungsten ring is something that has been designed for you. 

Comfort fit Tungsten carbide ring with Plated Rose Gold plating. It features a sealed black carbon fiber inlay with a matt finish and high polish edges for a designer look, ending in an incredible ring intended for him or her.

Our Tungsten Carbide rings are perfect for those who want a ring that is scratch-resistant and never loses its luster. On the Mohs scale, Tungsten Carbide is classified second hardest after diamond, with diamond being a 10 and Tungsten Carbide being a 9.

Our tungsten rings are entirely free of cobalt and hypoallergenic. These rings won't irritate your skin or make your fingers green. These rings can be laser engraved but not manually etched due to the hardness of Tungsten.

 What makes Reveries different?

To produce this classic-looking Rose Gold Tungsten and Carbon Fiber ring, we've combined two of the strongest components. This ring has a custom-crafted Carbon Fiber shell on the exterior and a smooth but durable Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide barrel finish on the inside for the ultimate comfort-fit. This ring is ideal for busy individuals; it's also a wonderful present for an anniversary, wedding, or any other special event!

 Compare your measurement to the chart below: 

E.g. 5.4cm, 54.4mm or 2.14 inches = Ring Size 7

Size mm Inches U.S. Size
49.3 1.94 5
50.6 1.99 5.5
51.9 2.04 6
53.1 2.09 6.5
54.4 2.14 7
55.7 2.19 7.5
57 2.24 8
58.3 2.29 8.5
59.5 2.34 9
60.8 2.39 9.5
62.1 2.44 10
63.4 2.49 10.5
64.4 2.53 11
65.9 2.59 11.5
67.2 2.64 12
68.4 2.69 12.5
69.6 2.74 13
70.8 2.78 13.5
72 2.83 14
73.2 2.88 14.5
74.4 2.92 15
75.6 2.97 15.5
76.8 3.02 16
78 3.07 16.5
79.2 3.11 17


Plant Trees & Offset Emissions

We are a "Carbon Positive Company" trying to do our best to offset the environmental impact we create just by doing business. We feel that it is our responsibility to do so, and we do with each purchase at ILU you are contributing to carbon offset projects. Feel free to match us at the end of your purchase.

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Per month is needed to offset the average human's footprint.